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Callers & Cuers

We have a wonderful line-up of callers & cuers to entertain you at the convention! See a list of them below. This page will be regularly updated as more people register.

Wendy Alexander (NSW)  -  Squares

Raymond Bates  (ACT)  -  Squares

Gary Carpenter  (NSW)  -  Squares

Janet Cook  (VIC)  -  Squares & Rounds

Alan Evans  (QLD)  -  Squares

Jaden Frigo  (VIC)  -  Squares & Rounds

Chris Froggatt  (NSW) - Squares

Anne Glazier (NSW  -  Rounds

Anna-Lee Hodalj  (NSW)  -  Rounds & Clogging

Helen Hodalj  (NSW)  -  Rounds & Clogging

Jan Johnson (NSW)  -  Squares

Allen Kerr  (ACT)  -  Squares

Matthew Mills  (QLD)  -  Squares

Leanne Nicholson (NSW)  -  Clogging

Jason Nicholson (NSW)  -  Clogging

Alannah Smith (ACT)  -  Squares

Darren Taylor (VIC)  -  Squares

Henk Ten Brummelaar (ACT)  -  Squares

Mal Turnbull   (NSW)  -  Squares

Barry Wonson  (NSW)  -  Squares

Julie Wright  (NSW)  -  Rounds

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