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Theme & Dress-Up Night

We’ve selected a theme based around the recent events to hit Ulladulla & surrounding regions. The South Coast of NSW has been through some tough times in recent years – ravaged by fires & floods and the harsh effects of COVID on the tourist industry. As Ulladulla faced each of these events, heroes came in to help save their town, fire fighters, SES, doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers.


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Now that we are safe & free to move around again – let’s all be part of the hero effort and help the region get back on it’s feet by coming to Ulladulla and putting money into the local region through accommodation, food & tourist attractions.

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Then as you dance up a storm, get dressed up for our Sunday theme night - 'heroes, with or without capes.' Let your imagination run wild, is your hero one of the previously mentioned or maybe it is a scientist, a sporting hero or one of the many superheroes... are you team Marvel or team DC? Or maybe a Disney princess is more your style, we can’t wait to see everyone’s creative ideas!

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